Music and Consumer Behavior

« The approach of using music to connect with viewers on a deep
emotional level rather than a rational or cognitive level in advertising
fundamentally redefined it as a brand-building tool » Ryan Parikh

People cannot live without music. A book named « Sound Like Branding » says that « The latest iPod can hold up to 40.000 songs, much more than a citizen of the 1800s would even hear in his entire life. » It has never been so easy to have access to music with the digital innovation. A study also says that 80% of young people (18 to 24 years old) are actively listening music every day. Music offers the most consumed entertainment content today. The average music listening is fixed to 1h30 per day.

Music also reveals who we are. A study made by Rentfrow and Gosling says that people believe that their taste in music reveals who they really are, more than films, books and even clothes. Music has always been a part of our life, even since the beginning. Human being catch music since he feels the first beats of his heart. It helps to feel emotions and to control our temper.

But what are the functions of music which can influence people as consumers ? We re gonna go through these opportunities that a brand could leverage to improve his notoriety.

According to Daniel J Levitin, several people use music to regulate their own feelings. A brand could have the idea to make their customers feel emotions through their content. What kind of brands won’t like to see their customers playing a song that the brand created in a specific event ? Absolut vodka created with the singer Lenny Kravitz a song named « Breathe » for his marketing campaign « Absolut Kravitz ». The music was composed for the brand, expressing the values of « Fun, Party and Dance » of Absolut. It worked because the song was a success.

Music also has a poetic function. She is helping people to give meaning to something. This fact can apply for brands. Music content can enhance the image of a brand because it gaves indications on how the brand communicates its values. Music helps to memorize a message (Julien 1989). Most people are able to remember the theme of Coca Cola they use in each advertisement.

In conclusion music represents an opportunity for brands which want to reach people differently and establish long-term relationship with them. Integrating music in a brand’strategy is a way to allow people to listen to the brands in a different way.