Can a brand become emotional ?

Music plays an important role for consumers in their purchase decision. A known study states to the importance of music in retail stores. If you play a song loudly with fast beats, people will tend to hurry to purchase and will spend less time in the supermarkets. If you decide to play a low volume and slow tempo song people will tend to spend more time looking at products and their purchases will be higher. But not everybody is a retail store. How can brands improve awaraness ?

Nowadays, it’s getting more difficult to be heard. As the e-magazine Mashable says : « There were 514 000 new business owners in 2012. So every businesses are trying to spread their voices over the competition with advertising. But a Nielsen study suggests that most of us only recall two of the countless advertising messages we’re exposed to daily. How can brands make the difference in their market ? Brands need to change their strategies if they want to create a conversion with people.

According to Jakob Lusensky, author of the book named « Sounds Like Branding », music should be taken into account in a global and competitive environment because Emotion is being more and more important in the marketing fields. Different principles such as sensory branding and experiential marketing are the proof that Marketing is making a step forward. Sensory branding is a type of marketing that appeals to all the different senses related to the brand using the senses to relate with customers. Experential marketing is when brands make you touch, feel or view something in a physical space.

Consumers have decoded the rules of Consumption which dictate their purchasing decisions. They’re looking for other reasons to make them interested by a product. That’s why Customization is a concept so popular nowadays with Nike or Adidas allowing their customers to design their own shoes and order them. Clients want a One to One relationship with the seller.


How Music can play a role for Brands’ identity ?

Music is essential. She controls us in different ways : psychologically and physiologically. But can we extend the role of Music in the area of Consumption ? Could brands use Music to improve their values and so their products to the public ?

Due to the arrival of the information technologies, music is nowadays one of the most used content. The average listening time is increasing and brands regard it as an opportunity for them to reach consumers. In a competitive situation brands should consider music as the best way to stay close to their customers’ interests and passions.

But using music in Marketing is not something new. The importance of one song in a marketing campaign is known by every marketers. But the choice of a specific song is not always relevant but often personal, depending on the taste of the head of marketing. What if brands find out a way to create a unique identity according to their values  through a content that people like and often love. Here comes the opportunity for brands to create their own Music Identity.

Every brands are looking for their identity. Brand Identity is built around three concepts. The core identity is the foundation of any succesfful brand (value, service, quality, family, children and cleanliness). The extended brand identity is composed of those different elements which can be changed or modified depending on the market situation or on the initiative of the brand. Finally, the brand essence is an expression which communicates the soul of the brand in a succinct manner. Like Subway : Eat Fresh.

What could happen if brands find a way to align their identity with music ? It would be one of the most powerful way to connect with people, wouldn’t it ? Can you image a content which keeps people’s attention, stays in people’s mind and engaged in people’s conversation ?

This is the time for your company not only to answer the question : How does your company look like ? This is the time for your company to be one of the first to answer the question : How does your company sound like ?